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Marshall County, which originally was part of Day County, was created by an act of the Legislative Assembly of the Territory of Dakota on March 13, 1885. An election in Day and Marshall County in May 1885 approved the act. The county was named after Marshall Vincent, a Day County commissioner. The June 1885 census of Marshall County showed 2187 people, and the assessed valuation was $400,000.

The first county election was held on July 23, 1885.
The following officers were elected: Commissioners, Ole Ruswick, chairman, Ralph Hay and Henry Gerberich; County Clerk and Register of Deeds, J.B. Dyer; Probate Judge, Francis Jewell; Treasurer, Daniel Greenhalgh; District Attorney, T.B. McDonough; Surveyor, Samuel Denton; Superintendent of Schools, C.A. Tuck; Assessor, Joseph Corlis; Coroner, E.L. How; Justices, Wm. Johnson, C.H. Loveland, E.M. Ireland, and P.C. Howell; Constables, George West, Jno. Murry, Samuel Denton, and Manning Smith.
-Marshall County Historical Society
Copyright 1979


The April 2020 census has a population of 4,306 for Marshall County and the assessed valuation was $1,108,698,394 in 2020.