June 20, 2024

911 Dispatching

911 Dispatch Coordinator – Deb Skonberg

Phone: (605) 448-5181 or (605) 448-5271
Fax: (605) 448-5927


The mission of the Marshall County Dispatch Service is to serve the people who reside, vacation, or travel through Marshall County using trained professionals 24 hours a day. We promote public safety and offer assistance to all agencies. We strive to send the appropriate response to all incidents in a timely manner.

911 Dispatching

Where is your emergency?

This is the most often first question you will hear. That’s because it is the most crucial. We need to know where you are at to send help. Pay attention to details such as landmarks, cross streets, or colors of houses – be aware of your surroundings.

Help the dispatcher and responders to help you.

Remain calm. Listen carefully. Each question is designed for us to determine what type of situation we are dealing with and to send the appropriate help in the timeliest manner.

If you call 911 – even by mistake, DO NOT HANG UP!

Stay on the line! If it was done by mistake, that’s ok – it happens! If you stay on the line and answer the dispatchers questions, it saves a lot of time and resources that otherwise may be tied up trying to find you when nothing really has to be done.

Teach your children how and when to use 911.

They should know how to use both home and cell phones. They need to provide their names, parent’s names, telephone numbers and most importantly the address. Tell them to remain on the phone.

Do not let children play with old cell phones. These phones are still able to call 911, but we are unable to trace them since the phone is no longer in service.